We do laundry,
pdot enterprise have been a helping hand to the commununity of  Johanesburg residents  for some years now, with  experience and knowledge of care and have a good relationship and partnership with our clients.

We deliver  hygienically washed items and we  wash any thing  of value. Nothing is too small or too big  ajob for us. Our clients are individual people, schools, hotels, workshops, garages and restaurants etc, anyone who values us and trusts in us we do services for public and private sectors.

We do a  sameday service, 24hr, 36h depending on the agreement  with the client, we are a independent, responsible and active, we have learned and  have been tested.

Please note that we come and collect  at your door step and deliver all the requested packages at your requested time, all you need to do is  send your Address, Name and Time .

Or whatsapp to
(27 78 222 9511) or (27 84 791 3768)24hrs

Pdot Enteprise has be  working with Pat Construction, building and finishing. (under ckreg 2006/014520/23.) We specialise doing renovations, Ceilings, Drywalls, Paintings and Joinnery. We  fit and supply and provide quality work.

Free quotation contact
Pat 27 84 7913 768.
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